SIMT(Sevdie Institute of Management & Technology) Lucknow, inaugurated as a Private Polytechnic Diploma College in Lucknow, UP. On 16th of September, 2002 with a distinct vision of promoting excellence in Polytechnic Diploma courses, Technical & Managerial Education at the national level, behind this, there was an initiative and foresightedness of the educationist & Administrator, Engineer Shri Ram Sigh Ji, who was the founder Chairman of this Institute. The Institute is duly affiliated to Board of Technical Education (B.T.E) U.P. authorized for polytechnic diploma courses & also approved by AICTE New Delhi, for technical education, degree, and diploma.

SIMT has many polytechnic diploma courses. Because the Diploma in Technical Education or Diploma in Engineering is a program focused on skills-oriented training and practice. It is a technical course that only covers the basics when ranked with an undergraduate engineering degree. These Diplomas of higher education (DipHEs) are undergraduate qualifications equivalent to two-thirds of an honors degree. They focus on a particular job, profession or scholarly study, and are designed to develop your professional or technical skills, or your knowledge and appreciative of a particular subject. As a private polytechnic diploma college in Lucknow, we got a reputed position in UP and become the best polytechnic college in UP.